The Electric Energy Saver


Save 30% on your Electric Bill.  (Example: $300.00 electric bill reduced down to almost $200.00)

The Electric Energy Saver can save you up to 30% on your monthly electric bill with a one-time fee of $89. Plug the device into any 110-volt socket to reduce the peak demand for power.

This device is in high demand and may sell out quickly because the utility bills have increased considerably everywhere.  

Receive a coupon offer of a FREE large bag of popcorn or any other popcorn product with a discount valued up to $16.99.



For every home or business, experts recommend purchasing one energy saver for every 900 square feet of space, two for up to 1800 sq. ft., and three for up to 2,700, and so on to maximize savings on your electric bill. Everyone has a monthly electric bill; share this offer, purchase one time, and save every month moving forward.

After your online purchase, visit one of our locations in Memphis or Mississippi, show proof of purchase or coupon code that will be generated to your email, and then Yum Yum’s rep will give you a Free bag(s) or popcorn product of your favorite flavor up to $16.99. Your Electric Energy Saver will be shipped from the warehouse to you within a few days.

For non-locals anywhere in the USA, you will be emailed the coupon code to use via our website to get a discount to select your FREE LARGE BAG or ANY POPCORN PRODUCT.

This coupon offer may include one option to receive any FREE popcorn product or a discount of up to  $16.99. The online system will generate a shipping fee and mail it from the warehouse immediately.


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