About Us

Its year 2012 and back in 2010 no one could tell the owner(s) that they would be popping corn on everyone; you get it? ‘poppin con ..Ha, Ha, anyway’.

He currently resides in Chicago and worked for McDonalds as a District Manager. He observed the many popcorn shops in his area, but one stood out that interested him the most. The famous Garrett Popcorn Shops who seem to do extremely well in Chicago where popcorn lovers are willing to stand in long lines all the way out the door. He began to do some research on Popcorn & the profit margin in starting a business like this.

He educated himself regarding the ingredients to make the best kept secret for making great popcorn. After doing his due diligence he realized the returns would be huge. He was convinced this was his next venture. He thought he would call it “Yum Yum’s Gourmet Popcorn” Best kept Secret. He then purchased some popcorn equipment to make the popcorn. He had one concern, the competition in Chicago would be challenging. He said after acknowledging the Lord, he was lead to start this business in the South to Southaven Mississippi where there were no popcorn shops all the way to Memphis Tennessee for over 200 miles. Since he resides in Chicago with his wife & 2 kids he couldn’t just leave right away.

Again the Lord intervened and allowed him to network with a young real estate entrepreneur who had a lot of energy and was very interested in the dream on a joint venture. After talking about an opening of a popcorn shop the Real Estate Entrepreneur did his due diligence & drove to Chicago with his wife to meet the one who started it all and visit and see for himself the exciting popcorn shops in Chicago.

He too was convinced after seeing the long lines, where security had to be present in the store because people seemed to be addicted to the Caramel/Cheese & different popcorn flavors. As a result, YUM YUM’S GOURMET POPCORN which was the 1st commercial Location acquired and open for business June 1st 2012. located 9049 Highway 51 N. Southaven, Ms. 38671.

Business has been growing and people are excited about Yum Yum’s Gourmet Popcorn moving in their area. We use the finest ingredients and our popcorn is kept in glass warmers so people can see the different flavors and smell the addictive aroma.

With our own recipes, we specialize in yummy popcorn flavors like Caramel/Cheese Mix(Chicago Style), Pecan, Cashew, Almond Caramel, Cheddar Cheese, White Cheddar, Sour cream & Chives popcorn, Chocolate & Chocolate Swirl popcorn and Rainbow Flavor which consist of Watermelon, Orange, Vanilla, Grape and Green Apple, We can prepare all most any flavor you like, What about the old fashion Butter, well for sure we have it and it beats any movie theater’s popcorn because our corn is very tender, I mean melt in your mouth tender, Awesome, and you can have as much butter on it as you prefer.

We also carry popcorn Tins in the 1, 2, 3 1/2, or 6 1/2 gallons that you can have popcorn anyway you like, it can come in the 3 way, 2 way, or the entire tin full of one particular flavor of your choice or better yet, mix a little bit of it all in one popcorn tin. We can prepare it for you. We are willing to please…

If you’re in our area, come on in, Once you walk in, you will see the red, white and yellow interior that looks like a large popcorn bag, it will make you smile. It is so colorful, Children love this place. Perhaps it’s because we give out free Popcorn samples.


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