I want to take this opportunity to offer a simple fundraising product, which is one of America’s best snack treats. Its called popcorn.

We at Yum Yum’s Gourmet Popcorn has structured this Fundraising Opportunity to be applicable and straightforward to start right away. Your target customers to sell to maybe your family, friends, and neighbors you know. The opportunity arranged for organizations to receive different pricing to make a 100% profit.

There are a few price options we’re requiring, $10.00 for each 1-gallon tub(s). If almonds, cashews, pecan caramel, white chocolate/chocolate/swirl, or birthday cake flavor popcorn is selected, the price will increase to $12.00 per tub.

When the 5-cup bag(s) is selected, the price is only $4.00. If almonds, cashews, or pecan caramel popcorn is picked, the price will increase to $5.00 per bag. Likewise, if white chocolate/chocolate/swirl or birthday cake flavor popcorn is selected, the popcorn bag will increase to $5.00.

Whether our top selling flavor is selected, which is the famous Chicago style Caramel Cheese Mix or our buttery movie popcorn, we have it, and your customers will want it. Yum Yum’s Popcorn is popped fresh daily and tastes delicious.

These prices above are only for the organization(s) or individuals prepared to purchase at least 10 or more tub orders and or at least 10 or more bag orders. The organization/seller must increase prices to profit. There are 24 popcorn flavors. You are provided a colorful 1-page image of various popcorn flavors and an order form that you may print out to collect your customer’s or client’s info.

The Fundraiser Opportunity is a straightforward process. First, the seller needs to complete the below info with their name, seller phone number, and the name of the group/organization, if applicable.

The following information is what you use to gather your client’s or customer’s name and contact information. There are two ways to move forward. You may simply Download Menu & Order Form, print it, then go out and do your thing. After a form(s) are complete, bring it to us or email it to us. We will submit an electronic invoice to your email for payment. Call us for questions: 662-470-6047 or 901-779-7525 or email at Samuel@yumyumspopcorn.com or Admin@yumyumspopcorn.com.

In the next field, you need to select which 1-gallon Tub(s) or flavor for the 5-cup bag your customer desires, then scroll down. Choose again the popcorn flavor your customer wants. The price for that selection will populate in the rate field, then adjust the quantity. Remember, in order to take advantage of this Fundraiser Opportunity, you must purchase at least 10 bags and / or 10 tubsAfter entering your customer’s info, hit the submit button. We will receive your order via email.

We will process your order and return an electronic invoice to your email within 12 hours for your payment with any primary credit or debit card. If shipping is required, it will be indicated on the invoice.

Please be advised our gourmet popcorn has been recognized to be absolutely delicious and highly addictive. Kindly be cautious sellers to be as we trust you will sell responsibly, other than that, make money, and have fun doing it.

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