Kangen/Alkaline Water


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The strong acidic ph11.0 – ph11.5  & (Sanitary)ph2.5 = $3.59 per 1-gallon

For Drinking ph9.5, ph9.0, ph8.5 | For Medication ph 7.0 | Skin/Face Care ph6.0 = $1.59 per 1-gallon

KANGEN/ALKALINE WATER” (Change Your Water…Change You Life

(Important: Must Bring Your Own Gallon Jugs For Filling

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PH 11.0 Strong Cleansing, PH 2.5 Sanitary, PH 6.0 Skin Care, PH 7.0 Medication, PH 8.5 Drinking, PH 9.0 Drinking, PH 9.5 Drinking


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